This here’s a tale for all you ladies….with frizzy, unruly and hard to manage hair.  Behold – LIQUID KERATIN PROFESSIONAL SMOOTHING TREATMENT!  This stuff is the bomb!  I thought I’d show a little before and after and give you the run down on how this treatment works…This service takes roughly 90 – 120 minutes and starts at $250 (depending on the length and texture of your hair..).  In Hanna’s case (above), her hair is short and very thick and the service took roughly 2 hours to complete.  This is not a permanent straightening treatment, rather, a smoothing system.  It reduces frizz and volume while enhancing luster, and vibrancy.  It provides style flexibility, meaning, you can wear your hair  curly or wavy…with out the frizz!  As you can see from Hanna’s after picture, blow drying will be a breeze.  I simply used a blow dryer and my fingers…that’s right, no brush or flat iron!  HALLELUJAH!!

Here are some key features, curtesy of Liquid Keratin Professional:

  • Formaldehyde and Aldehyde free
  • Scent free
  • Straightens and smoothes hair
  • Penetrates hair to enhance strength and elasitcity and revitalizes dry, damaged, frizzy and hard to manage hair
  • Enhances shine
  • Nourishes and conditions hair to restore vibrancy and manageability
  • Reduces volume and enhances luster for vibrant healthy hair
  • Treatment is washed out  immediately after services.  No waiting time.
  • Hair can be colored on the same day as service.
  • Results last 8 to 14 weeks.

Ideal hair types:

  • Porous, fine and/or damaged
  • Chemically treated or colored
  • Coarse, virgin and/or resistant

For best results, it is recommended to use a the Liquid Keratin after-care products.   Alternatively, a Sulphate free and Sodium Chloride free shampoo and conditioner are also recommended.  In addition, it is recommended to color the hair after the treatment as it will cause a slight lift of hair color.

Liquid Keratin Professional…”you’re gonna LOVE it!”.  Talk about smooth operator!;)