For those of you who may not know, I am a collector of Sid Dickens Memory Blocks.  My sister introduced me to them years ago and soon after, I was  hooked!  There’s something so special and sentimental about these beautiful little masterpieces; they remind me of the ancient Roman ruins which are timeless works of art.  They are the perfect gift and fit perfectly in any home.  Here are a few of my favorites…


Each Sid Dickens Memory Block is beautifully titled with a poetic phrase on the back; which has a meaning that is different and special for everyone that reads it.  For me, EVERYTHING I surround myself with must have meaning.  For example, the blocks above are not only beautiful to look at, they also appeal to me because of what they represent.

White Horse –  “The white horse, shining spirit of majesty.  Faithful steed.  Linked by fable’s golden bridle, to all humankind.”

  • This white horse represents my husband.  He is my loyal life-long companion with a shining spirit who faithfully guides and protects us.

Ace of Hearts – “One rich in love is forever victorious.”

  • I feel grateful and victorious every day because of the overwhelming love and passion that I have for my wonderful life, my spirit guide, our family and friends, and my craft.

Ha“Nothing in life is better than a good laugh.”

  • I couldn’t agree with this more.  Laughter is what keeps us healthy and young.  It feeds our spirit and allows us to just let go!


Sid Dickens Memory Blocks have been made in Canada since 1995.  Each block is carefully designed and hand crafted right here in Vancouver, BC, using traditional raw and organic-based materials with a variety of traditional artistic techniques.

“A short stint at Vancouver’s Emily Carr College of Art and Design literally set my blood on fire”. -Sid

Sid Dickens was born in Prince Rupert, BC.  He found a connection in art and literature at a young age and pursued his passion.

“Six months backpacking through Europe turned out to be the key that unlocked a door I hadn’t even known existed-Suddenly I found myself working with ancient imagery, ancient documents and feeling a sense of connection to it all, even though I was a fisherman from Prince Rupert.” -Sid

His latest collection is a homage to some of his first works of art in his original Eastside, Vancouver studio circa 1990’s; well before Memory Blocks were formerly established and collected worldwide.  Sid Dickens Memory Blocks are available online and at Chintz & Company, Bernstein & Gold, Gigi B on Granville Island, Parliament and OMG! It’s Small by Ginger Jar.


“The mosaic playground of the Gameboard’s elaborate and multi-faceted surface is rich with graphic images and text, evocative yet enigmatic.  This format was loosely based on that of traditional gameboards, with an added level of meaning and playful mystery.  Sid aims to tell a story through the interaction between the images he juxtaposes.  Likewise, the viewer is invited to personally decode these age-old symbols and their infinite complexities. This early process foretells the eventual evolution of Memory Blocks.”


“These fresh and elegant portrayals of natural forms express Sid’s passion for nature and a desire to explore an evolution of his work.  In Tablets, fossil-like remnants of the natural world are set against graphic elements and old-world text.  Three-dimensional surfaces capture light and shadow, illuminating these specimens of flora in a dynamic and modern collage.”

This block below, which I recently received as a gift from my friends at Sid Dickens (THANK YOU!!) , is titled “The Promise” meaning “This too shall pass”.  This piece is from his 2011 “Reflection” collection.  To me it signifies that in life, we will be faced with pain and suffering, difficulties and even a broken heart.  With time, our hearts and spirits will mend.  We will learn from our experiences and become whole again.  I’d like to dedicate this piece to all of the brave men and women who have fought, and continue to fight, for our freedom.  I dedicate this to all of us who have lost loved ones and have overcome challenging obstacles.  Let us reflect, lest we forget!


God Bless!