Congratulations to Alicia, Cathy, Marga and Christine… 

You are the winners of February’s “Makeover Monday” contest!  Thanks for your comments and tweets.  Looking forward to seeing you at the studio…you’re gonna LOVE it! 🙂

Alicia – “I would love a makeover! I’ve never had one before, and I’m graduating this semester and would love a new look for grad !!”

Cathy – “I neeeed a makeover! I’ve never had a makeover and my hair and makeup is quite boring. I’m getting married this year and would love to learn how to properly apply makeup and perk up my hair so I feel comfortable and confident with my “look” at all the upcoming get-togethers before the big day!”

Marga – “I would love to have a new look to start 2012 with a bang! I’ll turn 40 in April so what could be better that get a makeover from Nadia”

Christine – “I don’t need a makeover
I need an overhaul!”

What a great start to the month!

~ xo