Makeover Monday!

She a baker, blogger, huge Canuck fan, soon-to-be elementary school teacher and a fellow Italian.  Alicia Conti is her name!  A pleasant, fun-loving chic with an infectious smile and positive attitude; not to mention Minnie Driver’s doppleganger!

Alicia came in with her boyfriend one day (…who, by the way, is so sweet AND has some really creative hidden talents – a true keeper!).  Alicia wanted to try a fishtail braid and with her luscious long hair, she was that perfect candidate.  She has the most GORGEIOUS green eyes, so to make them pop, I used copper, rusty yellow and plum tones.  To compliment that, I applied bronzer to create a warm, sunkissed complexion along with peach blush.  Here’s her before and after shot…

Here’s how Minnie Driver and Diane Kruger rocked this similar look on the red carpet…

Looking forward to seeing you very soon, Alicia:) xo

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  1. Andrea Karim says:

    Absolutley Stunning I did not think it was possible to take beautie and make them even more beautiful ! I will remember your place next time im needing a makeover or Wedding ect

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