Makeover Monday!

This week’s lucky makeover candidate is Cathy; another bride-to-be AND, in my opinion, Heather Graham’s celebrity look alike!  With Cathy’s naturally curly hair, I decided to give her a long layered cut to create movement and shape when wearing it curly or smooth.  To change up her look, I suggested that she grow out her  bangs to create a softer, side swept fringe and that she would look FANTASTIC with balayage to brighten up her blonde highlights.

Seeing as Cathy has flawless, porcelain skin and does not wear much makeup, I used 5 simple steps to create her look: Concealer, Bronzer, Mascara, Blush and Lip gloss; and here you have it…

And this is how Heather Graham and Marley Shelton rocked this similar look…

PS. Thanks, Cathy, for your lovely card.  You’re so sweet and thoughtful and I look forward to seeing you agian soon;)


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  1. Cathy says:

    Thanks again Nadia. I had so much fun and look forward to seeing you again too :)

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