So I was going through my closet this morning and decided to put together this outfit for me to wear today!   Here’s how I did it…

In order to achieve great style, you should follow my “7 Style Sacraments”.  I created these “7 Style Sacraments”  to help my clients achieve their personal and professional style goals with a little Nadittude™ !.  Here they are…

Nadia’s 7 Style Sacraments™

#1  SASS™ – Shop According to your Style and Silhouette.  Embrace your shape! When you know your body type and style category, shopping will be a breeze!

#2  5 C’s™ – Casual, Classic, Charming, Chic and Couture.  Determine your style category.  We have a category that we can relate to; some of us fall into more than one.  Get inspired by looking though magazines, or to your favorite style icons – past and present!

#3  DLDB™ – Dark, Light, Dull and Bright. Find balance.  The perfect, most cohesive outfit, and/or makeup, features light, shade, color and texture.

#4  W.O.R.K Essentials™ – Weekend, Office, Recreation, “K”night!  As they say, “you only have one chance to make a first impression”.  Dress for the occasion and know your audience; you never know when you’ll meet your Knight in shining armor!

#5  Ship, Shape, Shop!™ – When editing your wardrobe, each season, remember to: #1. Ship the items that no longer work for your lifestyle and body type to your local thrift store or shelter. #2. Keep the items that work for your Shape and maximize them.  #3. Shop for only the things that are missing in your wardrobe.  “Take what you want and want what you take!”

#6  5-in-Five™ – Be beautiful and keep it simple.  Create a flawless face in five minutes by using: primer, foundation, bronzer, mascara and lipstick.  It’s easy, natural and polished!

#7  3 P’s™ – Prime, Prep & Polish. Great hair can only be achieved with a good cut and the right products!  Using cleansing, styling and finishing products, that are made specifically for your hair type, will lead you to hair Heaven!



DARK:  DKNY Lace top (Winners), “Media” lipstick (MAC Cosmetics), “Skyfall” Nail polish (OPI)

LIGHT: Rosegold suede tan plantform pumps (Winners) & Teal waxed J Brand Skinny Jeans (Holt Renfrew).  NOTE: “Light” can refer to a lighter or contrasting color to the dark, and/or a light weight fabric of a garment!

DULL: Michael Kors leopard print belt  (Winners).  NOTE: “Dull” refers to texture and pattern.  In this case is the suede shoes, the lace top, and the pattern and texture of the belt, are dull contrast to the sheen of the jeans, and sparkle of the clutch and cocktail ring.

BRIGHT: Alexander McQueen Clutch and Elsa Corsi Cocktail Ring.  NOTE: “Bright” refers to sparkle and shine of accessories, or a pop of color.