Flawless makeup starts with 3 things: (1) good skin, (2) great quality makeup products and (3) the right tools.  If you aren’t using the right brush to apply your eye shadow, blush or eye liner, you could be left with a big mess on your face (and hands!); and nobody wants that, right?!   That’s why I am absolutely OVER THE MOON to announce the newest product now available at Style In. – MINT BRUSHES by Eman Aziz.  There are 9 brushes in the range, all made of the highest quality materials, with more brushes currently in development.  I’ve been using Mint Brushes for a while now and I am SOLD!   Here are just a few of my FAVES…

Vancouver based makeup artist and Mint Brush creator, Eman Aziz, is hard-core when it comes to quality control and developing a line that is both easy to use and reasonably priced ($13 to $19).   The full line of Mint Brushes include…

1. Foundation Brush #10

This Synthetic hair foundation brush will make every foundation application look flawless.  Perfect for liquid and cream products, the synthetic bristles make this brush very easy to clean and dries in no time

2.  Concealer Brush #12

Made from Nylon, the synthetic bristles of this Concealer Brush allow you to apply and blend any liquid or cream product effortlessly. The small brush head is perfect for applying concealer under the eyes and cream shadows on the eye lids.  The synthetic hair makes this brush very easy to clean.

3.  Contour Brush #16

Made from fine goat hair, this Contour powder brush has a flat edge and a shorter handle designed to gently lay powder onto the contours of the face. Perfect for contouring the cheekbones, jawline and around the temples.

4.  Blending Brush #20

This pointed crease brush is perfect for applying eyeshadow in your crease area and blending it out.  The pointed tip allows you to get more precision with where you apply the shadow and the fuller shape helps blend the shadow as well.

5.  Shadow Brush #22

This all-in-one brush does it all.  It has a flat edge to apply shadow on the lid.  Its fuller shape is great for blending eyeshadow in the crease and along the lashline.  If there’s one brush to have, this is it

6.  Pencil Brush #24

This Pencil Brush is perfect for creating depth along the lower lashine with eyeshadow.  Its pointed tip allows for more precision application.  It can also be used to highlight the inner corner (tear duct) of the eye and more detailed work along the crease.

7.  Angle Brush #26

Made from synthetic nylon bristles, this brush has a nice firm edge to give precision application. Works great with liquid and cream products or with powder products.

8. Liner and Lip Brush #32

This brush makes applying eyeliner a piece of cake.  It’s synthetic hairs work great with any cream or liquid product.  The pointy tip helps you create that perfect cat eye liner.

9.  Double Ended Brow Brush #36

This double-ended Brow Brush is an all in one brush for perfect arches.  The coarse angled end made from badger hair allows you to fill in and shape the brow. Then the spooly end helps brush the hair into place.

I’ve known Eman since she’s started in the biz and am a huge supporter and fan!  For more information about Eman Aziz and Mint Brushes, check out her Youtube tutorials here: MakeupByEman