I love this song, by Imani Coppola, called “Legend of a Cowgirl”.  I heard it the other day at the studio and thought I’d dedicate a blog post to it.  It’s a happy tune with a cool melody and lyrics that make me smile.  And for those of you who forgot how this song goes, here’s a link to the music video along with some of the lyrics…:)

LEGEND OF A COWGIRL by Imani Coppola

“Pack my bags and mount my horse
I’m gonna ride on into the next town
Spend all my money on absolutely nothing
Need no man to pay for anything
Ain’t got no shame, nobody knows my name
I’m gonna ride on into the next town
Pecos Bill, couldn’t hang for long
A female legend with a song”

So what is an urban cowgirl?  Well I think she’s a confident woman with Nadittude™, who thinks outside the box and takes calculated risks.  She is a breath of fresh air, has fun and doesn’t take herself too seriously.  She is a hard worker and isn’t affraid of rolling her sleeves up and getting her hands dirty.  She says it like it is and doesn’t sugar coat anything.  She’s real and down to earth, with a heart of gold and a zest for life.  She let’s nothing bring her down and rolls with the punches.  She is a dreamer, lover, defender and friend; a passionate, independent woman who loves everyone and everything….

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