Get the Look – Natural Makeup

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Get the Look – Natural Makeup


Get the look with these easy steps…

  1. Start by moisturizing the skin with “Angelica Hydration Cream“, by L’Occitane.
  2. Apply a dime size amount of Make Up For Ever Face and Body Foundation in # 32 , mixed with 1 pump of Make Up For Ever Uplight Luminizer Gel,  to even out the complexion and create the look of naturally glowing skin.
  3. Lightly dust bronzing powder to contour the face (forehead, under cheekbones, t-zone area and neck), using to create a natural “sunkissed” warm glow.
  4. Naturally shape and control the eyebrows by using Make Up For Ever Brow Seal Transperant Eyebrow Gel
  5. Apply Make Up For Ever Eyeshadow #126 over the the entire eye, using Make Up For Ever Brush #244 
  6. Using Make Up For Ever Brush #242, contour the eyes with Make Up For Ever eye shadow in #127.
  7. Tightline the eyes by gently lifting the eye lid to expose the inner portion of the eye lid and lining the eyes with brown Aqua Eyes in 2L , to define the eyes and enhance the eyes.
  8. Curl the lashes and apply 1 coat of Deep Brown Smoky Lash Mascara by Make Up For Ever.
  9. Brighten under the eyes with Make Up For Ever Lift Concealer #3, infused with Vitamin A and E.
  10. Dust on a hint of Make Up For Ever Blush #8, with Make Up For Ever Double End Sculpting Brush #158
  11. Finish the look with Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense #22, then blot with a tissue.


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Underneath it All!

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Underneath it All!

Photohraphy by: Daniella Guzzo

#whatruwearing – Lingerie: La Vei en Rose | “Creme de la Creme” T-shirt: Countdown Events | Dishware: Denby “White Collection” , The Hudson’s Bay | Bedding and Silver Tray: Homesense | “Classic Vancouver” Custom Fine Art Coasters: Daniella Guzzo Fine Art | Jewellery: Elsa Corsi Couture Jewellery, Jewelette Jewellery | Fragrance: Chanel Madmoiselle , Holt Renfrew | Bath and Body Care: L’Occitane | Nail Lacqure:  Essi “Sand Tropez”

It’s been a busy couple of months, and underneath it all, I’ve been feeling a little off balance and really looking forward to a day off to myself.  Sundays are my favorite days!  Aside from the usual fun visits with friends or delicious dinners with family,  there’s nothing like waking up in the comfort of your home and enjoying a day of doing absolutely nothing!  It’s the one day of the week where I feel like I’m on a mini vacation.  Where I can drown out all the noise that clutters my head and forget about the never ending list of “things to do” that comes with running your own business.  It isn’t easy to shut off but it’s necessary.  It’s a day where I can lounge around, maybe have breakfast in bed while I sip (…and actually FINISH!!) a great cup of coffee, and even catch up on some reading.  A perfect Sunday consists of me chilling out in my jammies for as long as possible, followed by a long bath, where I can quietly enjoy a moment of prayer and meditation, and give thanks for all of my many blessings.  And of course spending time with my favorite person in the world, my hubby!

Did you know that it’s been over two years since I began producing my makeover column in The Sunday Province Newspaper’s?  Yet I still get excited every time I open the “Live It” section and see it!  Some things never get old — not only do I see and get to do the makeover transformations LIVE in the studio, I see the image again when I’m writing and editing the story for my editors,  and I still can’t get over some of the before and afters when they’re finally in print!  It brings me such great joy to know that I have the privilage of working with some truly amazing women, and that I can provide them with a positive change in the way they look and feel about them selves.  It’s very gratifying and rewarding!

Big thanks to La Vie en Rose for the care package filled with these über comfy and ultra sexy Invisible Wireless Push Up bras and cute panties.  Not to mention this pretty assortment of bracelets, from Jeweliette Jewellery, that I recently added to my stack!  Thanks to the plethora of sparkly goodies,  those fabulous Ladies have me covered for every occassion!  And how could I resist wearing this adorable “Creme de la Creme” t-shirt by Countdown Events?   I’m throughly enjoying everything – Merci!

I love my Denby “White Collection” dishware.  I recieved a few pieces for my wedding, 7 years ago, and I continue to add to my collection.  They’re super versatile, and mix and match beautifuly with both my vintage and modern pieces.  The gold flatware, which I inherited from my mother-in-law, are such a treasure to have and I truely cherish them.  My black diamond point stemware add the perfect touch of drama and compliment my new favorinte Custom Fine Arts Coasters, by Daniella Guzzo,  which feature images of my favorite iconinc landmarks in Vancouver.

Daniella Guzzo…YOUR ROCK!  You are a true professional and really know how to make a woman feel comfortable when all she has on are her skivvies!  I’ve never done a “boudoir” shoot before (…nor do I have the rack of a Victoria’s Secret Supermodel), and I really felt sexy and empowered by it.  Your bedside manner, along with your wonderful photography skills, made this lifestyle session very unique for me!  I now know why so many women flock to you; you’re a true artist!  I can’t wait to unveil the rest of these “HOT SHOTS” to my hubby!

Remember to take a moment to enjoy the simple things in life!  Love and take care of yourself because you are worthy of it!

10 things I do to feel sexy in my skin:

1. Take a relaxing bath. – Bath time is an every day ritual.  At the end of the day, when I’m feeling tired, an epsom salt or buble bath rids “la stanchezza” or my fatigue and instatnly make s me feel rejuvenated!

2. Silky smooth legs – Smooth “J-Lo” skin feels very sexy.  If I’m having a not-so-svelte day, all I have to do is shave my legs and instantly I feel skinny.  It’s totally phsycological, but…whatever, it works!

3. Get a mani and pedi –  Due to my line of work, I’m on my feet all day and my hands are constantly in water.  By the end of the week, I’m a mess!  Sundays are my “polish change” days and presto-changeo, I feel presentable again.

4.  Wear good underwear! – There’s nothing better than wearing good undergarments that fit well.  When the fit’s right, the “Girls” are happy, and my clothing look a million times better on!

5.  Add some sparkle – Sparkly things make me happy!  It’s that “shimmer of glimmer” or statement piece that completes an outfit, no matter the occasion.

6. Wear heels – The higher the heels the closer to…heaven? (or the floor, if you can’t walk in them – YIKES!).  Seriously though, heels instantly make me stand taller, walk confidently and look slimmer.

7. Wear perfume – Chanel, Narciso Rodriguez, Angel, Jo Malone; depending on my mood, these are just a few of my “go-to” scents that I can’t live without!

8. Add flowers! – Flowers instatnly make a space feel beautiful.  I love placing freshly cut flowers in every room of the house to add life and character to the environment.  Some of my favorite flowers include peonies, hydrangeas, tulips and roses; just to name a few.

9.  Wear red lipstick – “Russian Red”, by MAC Cosmetics, has been a staple in my makeup kit since 1997 and I can’t get enought of it.  It’s my signature color and makes me feel super feminine and strong!

10. Dance like nobody’s watching – I’m sure I’m not the only person who does this but I LOVE dancing with myself!  Admit it people…you do it too!!   Hop-Hop, Salsa, Country, 80’s…you name it and I’ll bust a move!  Plus it’s currently the only form of a excersize I get on a weekly basis!

“Love yourself, accept yourself, forgive yourself and be good to yourself.  Because without you, the rest of us are without a source or many wonderful things!” ~ Dr. Leo Buscaglia

Peace & Love!


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Get the Look – Old Hollywood Glam!

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Get the Look – Old Hollywood Glam!

Get the look with these easy steps, featuring Estee Lauder Cosmetics:

  1. Start by moisturizing the skin with Estee Lauder “Resilience Lift Firming and Sculpting Face and Neck Creme”.
  2. Apply a dime size amount of Estee Lauder “Double Wear Stay-in-Place Foundation in 1W2 , to even out the complexion and create a flawless finish.
  3. Contour the face with Estee Lauder “Bronze Goddess bronzer, in medium, to enhance the cheek bones (available in March/April 2014)
  4. Using Estee Lauder “Double Wear Stay-in-Place Brow Lift Duo“, in Rich Brown, fill in the brows to frame the eyes.
  5. Sweep the pale linen eye shadow color, from the Estee Lauder’s “Bronze Goddess “The Nudes” Eyeshadow Palette” (available in March/April 2014) , over the entire eye lid to brighten the eyes.
  6. Using the medium brown color in the shadow palette, contour  the crease area (eyeball socket) and softly blend in toward the middle of the eye.
  7. Press the gold color in the shadow palette onto the middle of the eye, for color blending and simmering dimension.
  8. To create a retro cat-eye look, use a charcoal colored eye pencil (Estee Lauder Automatic Eye Pencil Duo).  Start from the inner corner of the eye and trace a fine line along the lash line toward the middle of the eye. Using short feathering strokes, continue from the middle of the eye and thicken the liner (to your desired thickness) and continue to line the eyes toward the outer corners.
  9. Lightly rim the lower lash line with the charcoal pencil, then use an angled liner brush and rim the inside corner of the eye with gold and blend out toward the middle of the eye.
  10. Curl the lashes and apply Estee Lauder “Sumptuous Infinity Mascara in black.
  11. Brighten under the eyes with Estee Lauder “Double Wear Stay-in-Place Flawless Wear Concealer” in Warm Light.
  12. Using your ring finger, dab and blend on Estee Lauder’s new “Bronze Goddess Cheek Glow” cream blush, in a deep coral shade, onto the apples of the cheeks (available March/April 2014) to create the look of supple glowing skin.
  13. Finish the look Estee Lauder’s “Pur Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick” in “Emotional”



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A Star is Born!

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A Star is Born!

Photography by: Daniella Guzzo

#whatruwearing: Lace Jacket: Winners | Black Top: Club Monaco | Skirt: Custom Design | Shoes: Dolce Vita, The Bay Vancouver | Earrings and Couture Necklace: Elsa Corsi at Jeweliette Jewllery | Lipstick: Estee Lauder “Emotional” | Clutch and Sherman Brooch: Vintage | Lipstick and Nail Laquer: Estee Lauder

The stars were out last Sunday for the iconic 86th Anual Academy Awards.  I am forever enchanted by Hollywood’s legendary leading ladies, and Oscar winners, Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren, Audry Hepburn and Grace Kelly (and the list goes on…).  Sexy, strong, feminine and empowering; these women inspire me in fashion, in the roles that they played and in life.  On this day, 37 years ago,  my star was born.  To celebrate, I thought it would be fitting to feature an “Old Hollywood” inspired lifestyle shoot to commemorate these beautiful women in art and entertainment…

Another iconic and legendary woman, who pioneered and revolutionized the world of cosmetics, is Estee Lauder.  I am fortunate to have started my career as a makeup artist with Estee Lauder (almost 20 years ago) as it has taught be much about the importance of quality, relationships building and timeless beauty.

Born on March 7:

“Those born on March 7 often live in an abstract world.  Giving structure to this world is the great challenge which they take on in life.  Those born on this day who are able to find a concrete form of expression for their thoughts can meet with great success!” – The Secret Language of Birthdays

Movies I love…

“Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” – Starring Elizabeth Taylor and Paul Newman

“Roman Holiday”  – Starring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck

“Two Women” (“La Ciociara”) – Starring Sophia Loren and Jean-Paul Belmondo

“Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” (“Ieri, Oggi, Domani”) – Starring Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni

“Rear Window” – Starring Grace Kelly and James Stewart

Happy Birthday to everyone celebrating this month! xo


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#TBT – Haute Shot!

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#TBT – Haute Shot!

I love boudoir shoots, especially when the models look this HAUTE!  An oldie but a goodie, this photo was taken several years back by my über talented friends, and colleagues,  Chris+Lynn Photographers.   I LOVE the 1950’s glam,  “Priscilla Presley” vibe of the hair and makeup for this look; not to mentions this sexy pale pink getup our model was wearing.  BIG love and a HUGE shout-out to C+L for their mad photography skills!  SOOOO looking forward to working you guys in Cabo this coming June for A+T’s destination wedding! (cue hand clapping and cheering…) “Aplausos, aplausos, aplousos!”


Love you long time!


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Photography by: Daniella Guzzo

#whatruwearing: Black Coat and Pink Blouse: Winners | Jeans: Rag & Bone, Holt Renfrew | Skull Sweater: Zara | Toque: DIY Project | Boots: Lucky Brand | Accessories: Cross Bracelet: Elsa Corsi Couture Jewellery | Skull Studs:  Jeweliette Jewellery | Quilted Purse and Scarf: Italy.

Dame En Blanc 

Left, right, left right,

I walk a path never losing sight,

Of the dreams in my mind so vivid and bright,

In God I trust and hold on tight.

Left, right, left right,

I’m a dame en blanc with courage and might.

A noble woman who can soar to any height,

with strength and humility like an honorable Knight.

With each passing step, I hear whispers and sounds.

They are clues that will lead me to the top of the mound.

If ever I’m lost, trust that I will be found.

Slow and steady, I will hold my own ground.

When my heart is open the ego feels nude.

This rawness brings wisdom and great fortitude.

Confidence and strength is what I exude,

“Gracefully Bold” is my #NadittudeTM .

~ Nadia Albano



Walk on, my Friends!


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Ginnifer Goodwin Inspired Makeover

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Ginnifer Goodwin Inspired Makeover

In today’s makeover column in the Province newspaper, I feature 42 year-old, Ilona Kuligowska; a stay at home mom, who likes short hair but feels like she needs a little refresh to make her look a little more hip and stylish.

Before styling:

Cleanse hair with KMS “Silk Sheen Shampoo and Conditioner “ ($16 and $17).  Spray KMS “Silk Sheen Leave-In Conditioner”, for instant detangling and manageability ($19) and blow dry hair using your fingers to create texture.  Finished the style with KMS “Hair Play Molding Paste” ($18) for pliable texture and definition.


llona never wears makeup.  After moisturizing her rather dry skin, I applied a lightweidht foundation, followed by concealer and bronzer.  I used shades of taupe brown, slate silver and champagne around her eye.  I curled her eye lashes and coated them with black mascara and added a nude-warm blush to her cheeks and lips, and finished with a highlight shimmer on the bridge of her nose and cheek bones.

Makeup Must-haves for this look:

MoisturizerNuxe “Nirvanesque”

Clear primerMac “Prep + Prime”

FoundationMake Up For Ever HD Foundation #118 mixed with Make Up For Ever For Ever Face & Body Foundation” #32

ConcealerPur Minerals Disappearing Act in Medium

BronzerNARS “Laguna”

Brow CorrectorMake Up For Ever Brow Pencil #4

Eye Color Make Up For Ever “Eye Prime” with MAC “Arena” “Knight Divine” and “Shroom”

MascaraL’Oreal Voluminous

BlushMAC “Buff”

Lip color MAC “Naked” lip pencil with MAC “Peachstock” lipstick




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Get the Look — Contoured Cat Eyes

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Get the Look — Contoured Cat Eyes

Get the look with these easy steps:

  1. Start by moisturizing the skin with NUXE “Nirvanesque”, followed by HD Primer #0, by Make Up For Ever, to enhance the skin’s texture and prepare the skin for makeup.
  2. Even out the complexion with Make Up For Ever HD Foundation #118, an oil free foundation that provides flawless looking skin.
  3. Contour the face with NARS “Laguna” bronzer to enhance the cheek bones.
  4. Fill in the eyebrows using Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow Corrector #25, to frame the eyes.
  5. Apply Make Up For Ever Eye Primer on the entire lid and brow bone, and blend in with your finger.  This will reinforce the eye shadow hold and intensify the color.
  6. Blend on a shimmering champagne toned eye shadow (Make Up For Ever #126) onto the inner half of your eye lid using Mint brush #22
  7. Using Mint Brush #20 to contour  the crease area (eyeball socket) with a medium taupe brown eye shadow (Make Up For Ever #127) and softly blend in toward the middle of the eye.
  8. Using a black cream liner (Make Up For Ever Aqua Black) or pencil liner, start from the inner corner of the eye and trace a fine line along the lash line toward the middle of the eye. Using short feathering strokes, thicken the liner (to your desired thickness) and continue to line the eyes toward the outer corners; thus  creating a cat eye liner.
  9. Dip Mint Brush #24 into a matte black eye shadow (Make Up For Ever #4) and apply color on the outer corner of the crease, and blend the outer tip of the eyeliner into the crease by using small circular motions.  This will deepen and define the eye contour.
  10. Pat a peachy-gold shadow (Make Up For Ever #152) to the center of the eye (or 3/4 way in from the outer corner), to add dimension and to transition the light color (from the inner corner of the eye) into the dark color.
  11. Use a champagne colored shadow (Make Up For ever #126) below the brow bone for highlight.
  12. Apply a hint of blush on the apples of the cheeks with NARS “Deep Throat”
  13. Curl the lashes with Shiseido Eyelash Curler and apply black mascara.
  14. Brighten under the eyes with Laura Mercier “Secret Camouflage #3″
  15. Apply Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Belisima to the lips and Nadia Albano Lipgloss in Tipsy for a touch of shine.



Prepare the hair with KMS California “Free Shape Hot Flex Spray“, for heat activated shaping and hold.  Use a 1.5” barrel curling iron to create a soft curl and leave the curls to cool for 3 minutes.  Then finger through the hair to create an unstructured tousled style and slightly back brush the crown area, for added volume.  Finished the style by spraying KMS California “Hair Play Dry Wax” for dimensional texture and matte finish.


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Take it to the Bridge!

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Take it to the Bridge!

Photographed by: Daniella Guzzo

#whatruwearing: Denim Shirt and Leather Jacket: Winners | Jeans: JBrand Jeans, Holt Renfrew | Cheetah Print Pumps (circa 2008): Zara | Necklace: Elsa Corsi, Jeweliette Jewellery | Clutch: Louise Vuitton , Holt Renfrew| Fur Neck Scarf: Vintage

“A passage over obstacles; a bridge is a connection that transitions two adjacent elements…”  When working with people in discovering their personal style, I feel like I am a bridge that  links them to their personal and professional goals.  The road to personal style, for some, can be daunting, fearful and stressful.  Most like to play it safe and never cross that bridge.  Some fear switching lanes in case they cause a ‘style’ accident.  Others worry that they will stall or get stuck in a style rut.  Fear not my friends!  The  bridge deck is clear and I’m your BCAA!:)  Remember, like a good bridge, a wardrobe is built with a strong base.  The materials and fabrics used to build your wardrobe may vary, however, one component supports another to give it structure.  Some of us are built long and narrow, while others are small yet robust.  Simply put, a good wardrobe provides functionality and architectural beauty, and helps us stand strong and tall; like a bridge!    I hope this post inspires you to cross over to the style side and find your inner #nadittudeTM !

Concrete Jungle…

Take calculated risks without going over the edge…

I commissioned Vancouver based beautiful jewellery designer, Elsa Corsi, to design this gorgeous pearl and swarovski crystal necklace for me to add to my personal collection.  Next time you’re in Jeweliette Jewellery, ask for the “Nadia” necklace and this is what you’ll get.  Thank you, Elsa!

Bridges I’ve visited and I love…

Pont Alexandre III – Paris, France

Brooklyn Bridge – New York City

Golden Gate Bridge – San Francisco, California

Ponte Vecchio – Florence, Italy

Burrard Street Bridge – Vancouver, British Columbia

Happy Friday! xo

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How to Wear It! — Graphic Sweatshirt

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How to Wear It! — Graphic Sweatshirt

Here’s a peek at today’s Style section of the Toronto Sun and Vancouver 24 Hour Newspaper.  Story Written by Charlotte Herrold.

Look cool while keeping warm by throwing on a trendy graphic sweatshirt.  Here are five tip to consider when wearing this must-have staple for any occasion…

Wear it with #nadittudeTM:

1.  Consider the Fit.

When trying this trend on for size, you always want to keep proportions in mind. For example, if you opt for an oversized sweatshirt, keep the silhouette of your lower half slim by wearing skinny jeans or leggings.

2.  Just add heels!

Any outfit, even a sweatshirt and jeans, can be instantly elevated with a pair of heels.  Other options for dressing up a sweatshirt? Add some structure by throwing a blaze rover top,or accessorize with an eye- catching necklace.

3.  Work it for the Weekend!

Comfortable and yet trendy, the graphic sweatshirt is a guaranteed go-to on Saturday mornings. For a stylish weekend look, I recommends layering your sweatshirt over a denim shirt and pairing with slouchy cargo pants. Finish off the look with wedge sneakers for extra edge.

4.  Dare to wear on a date?

Rock a relaxed-fit graphic sweatshirt with a miniskirt to show off those gams!  Add pointy or strappy heels, a studded clutch and a statement necklace, and you’re ready for some fun.”

5.  Keep sweatin’ into Spring!

Choose lightweight fabrics and bright colours to ensure versatility come the warmer weather. Try a sweatshirt with horizontal stripes to play up summer’s nautical trend.

Read more about my style tips in the Toronto Sun across Canada and right here in Vancouver in the 24hours Newspaper!


Where to buy…

Hello Beautiful Sweatshirt – Old Navy ($22.94)

Dr. Martens Unisex Sweatshirt – Dr. Martens ($60)

Shared Winter Athletes Rainbow Leaf Sweatshirt – Drake General Store ($78)

Street Chic Lovely Sweatshirt – Forever 21($23.80)

TBA Cornwall Sweater – Aritzia ($24.99)

Cropped Graphic Sweatshirt – Express ($49.90)


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Makeover expert, Nadia Albano, is a regular newspaper columnist and beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger who has 18 years of experience. Her passion, creatively, and experience successfully helps women define their personal style through hair, makeup and wardrobe styling. Her goal is to align her client’s image with their personal and professional goals, and to help women look like a million bucks for a fraction of the cost. Add a little NADITTUDE™ to your life; You’re going to love it!