Photography by: Daniella Guzzo

#whatruwearing: Black Coat and Pink Blouse: Winners | Jeans: Rag & Bone, Holt Renfrew | Skull Sweater: Zara | Toque: DIY Project | Boots: Lucky Brand | Accessories: Cross Bracelet: Elsa Corsi Couture Jewellery | Skull Studs:  Jeweliette Jewellery | Quilted Purse and Scarf: Italy.

Dame En Blanc 

Left, right, left right,

I walk a path never losing sight,

Of the dreams in my mind so vivid and bright,

In God I trust and hold on tight.

Left, right, left right,

I’m a dame en blanc with courage and might.

A noble woman who can soar to any height,

with strength and humility like an honorable Knight.

With each passing step, I hear whispers and sounds.

They are clues that will lead me to the top of the mound.

If ever I’m lost, trust that I will be found.

Slow and steady, I will hold my own ground.

When my heart is open the ego feels nude.

This rawness brings wisdom and great fortitude.

Confidence and strength is what I exude,

“Gracefully Bold” is my #NadittudeTM .

~ Nadia Albano



Walk on, my Friends!