It’s T-minus 44 days until I head to Cabo for a destination wedding, which means I’m gearing  up for bikini weather.  I’m on the hunt for the perfect baithing suit, and much like many women, it’s quit a daunting task!  First and foremost, before even stepping foot into a fitting room, I highly recommend that you go in prepapred.  Remove all unwanted body hair (I’m Italian
enough said!) and have a light snack so you’re fueled and not bloated.  Plus, you’ll be in a great state of mind and less critical when you’re checking yourself out in the mirror!

Here are some swimsuit suggestions that you may want to consider when you’re out shopping; and remember to Shop According to your Style and Silhouette (Style Sacrament #1 – S.A.S.S.™).   I turned to J Crew for inspiration, as they seem to have a wide variety of styles and color selections for all shapes and sizes.

If you carry your weight in you hips and thighs, opt for a dark bikini bottom and/or a swimsuite with a high cut bottom to elongate the leg.  Bright lipstick is a must, as is wearing self tanner; it minimizes inperfections and gives you the perfect summer glow, even if it’s your first day at the pool.

Windowpane Scupted Haulter with Black Bikini Bottom – J Crew ($62 and $48)

Neon Paisley Wrap Tank – J Crew ($114)

Michael Kors “Tayden Thong” – Browns Shoes ($78)

St Tropez Self Tan – Sephora ($38)

An athletic body type requires a cut that is suitable for an active day at the beach.  Select a style that is durable, comfortable and enhance your shape.  Be sure to use good sun protection with an spf of 50+, and don’t forget your lips!  Volleyball, Anyone?!

Tropical Floral Ruched Halter & Bikini Bottom – J Crew ($62 and $54)

Tie Back Tank in Stripe – J Crew ($118)

Slim Ice-Violet Flip Flops – Havaianas ($28)

Clarin’s Sunscreen Care Milk Lotion – The Bay ($35)

Bert’s Bees Lip Balm with SPF 15 – Shoppers Drug Mart ($9)

For full figured shapes, opt for a sleek style with ruching details to flatter the tummy and wide straps to support the girls.  An Asymmetrical cut is prefect for creating angles and compliments a short torso.  I’d also like to suggest that wearing a wedge will elongate the leg and make you stand taller and look leaner.  Throw on a great pair of shades and you’re ready to hit the ME-Cabo pool party! (Can’t wait!!)

Ruched Femme Tank – J Crew (starting at $118)

Jersey Lomellina Asymmetrical Blouson Tank – J Crew ($138)

Nine West Ednaellen Wedge – The Bay ($120)

Where Did Suzi’s Man-Go – OPI

Diane Von Ferstenberg Sunglasses – The Bay ($210)

A boy-ish shape is usually slender with a small bust and no curves.  A bandeau bikini top and/or a suit with underwire is a great way of enhacing a smaller bosom.  When it’s time for oysters, drinks and shenanigans at Mango Deck, simply smooth on some shimmering body oil, slip into your cut offs and step into your metallic sandals — Voilà!  You’re ready to rock!

Neon Tab Bandeau and Neon Tab Hipster – J Crew ($54 and $48)

Ratti Fish Underwire Tank – J Crew (starting at $158)

7 For All Mandkind Mid Roll Up Short – The Bay ($216)

Sam Edelman “Gigi” Sandal – The Bay ($75)

Nuxe Huiel Prodigieuse OR – The Bay ($35)