Photographed by: Nadia Albano

“CREATE, EDUCATE, ELEVATE” is the philosophy behind the Makeup For Ever Academy in New York and Paris.  I recently was invited to tour the academy and had the pleasure of meeting Margaritta Topielski, VP, of the MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy New York, as well as Academy Coordinator, Jenna Frankel.  I was received with a warm smiles and kind hospitality from everyone, and if that wasn’t enough, I also had the pleasure of interviewing one of their tremendously talented educators, Jennifer Evans.  Here’s is how it went…

When did the Make Up For Ever Academy open in New York?

The MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy New York opened in January of 2012.

Nadia Albano, Make Up For Ever Academy, New York

Nadia Albano, Make Up For Ever Academy, New York

Is there an admission requirement and how long is the program?

There is an admission requirement and process for the Master program and for some of the Intensive programs. The Master program is six months long, while the Intensive programs range from one week to eight weeks.  Click HERE to view the programs offered at the academy.

Why New York?  With LA and Canada (Vancouver) being a large film & TV market, are there any plans to open an Academy in LA, or Canada?

New York is a creative mecca that fosters all realms of the industry (Beauty, Fashion, Film, Television, Theater and Artistic). The combination of arts in the city provides an incredible amount of opportunities and avenues for our Students and Alum to explore locally. The mix of creativity is unique and unlike anywhere else. Being a leap away from Europe also broadens the spectrum and reach of opportunities. There is growth in the future of the Academy; LA and Canada are strong prospects.

Nadia Albano, Make Up For Ever Academy, New York

Nadia Albano, Make Up For Ever Academy, New York

Like the MUFE in Paris, do you get involved with designing makeup looks for Broadway Musicals?

We work with some of the Head Makeup and Key Artists of the shows and host them at the Academy to share their experience and expertise with our students.

Nadia Albano, Make Up For Ever, New York

Nadia Albano, Make Up For Ever, New York

What are the makeup essentials for a NYC girl?

Besides hydrating skincare and lip balm, NYC girls are on the go and usually keep it simple with a natural looking complexion and a pop of color. Creating flawless skin is easy with a foundation flexible in coverage like Face & Body or HD Invisible Cover Foundation. Pair those with the HD Invisible Cover Concealer for areas that may need a little extra coverage and radiance. Applying a wash of color on the cheeks with the HD Crème Blush adds a youthful touch. Super Mat Loose is a lightweight, natural powder for those who tend to have oily skin, or like to set their foundation. The new Artist Shadows or the Aqua Shadow make creating an eye look quick and easy. Add eyeliner to the top lid with Aqua Black or in the water line with any Aqua Eyes pencil, both are waterproof and stay in place. For days when the struggle is real, add a bit of the Concealer Pencil in the waterline to appear fresh and awake. Smoky Stretch Mascara delivers maximum results with a few gentle swipes. If deciding to forgo the eyes, a pop of color on the lip is a perfect finish to the look. Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick comes in an array of colors and textures, ranging from natural to bold and deep. One of my faves is Rouge Artist Intense 43. (…that’s one of my faves too, Jennifer!)

Nadia Albano, Make Up For Ever Academy, New York

Nadia Albano, Make Up For Ever Academy, New York

Seeing as I spent New Years in the Big Apple, what are your tips for achieving a perfect NYE or “party” makeup look?

I’m a big fan of shiny eyes for New Years, and other events like that. Add a bit of Diamond Powder on top of your eye lid and in the inner corner of the eye for a perfect amount of shine. If wearing a light to natural eye, pair with a bold lip. If wearing a dark or smoky eye, pair with a more natural lip color.

I work with many local and destination brides.  What are your tips for achieving the best bridal makeup looks?

Selecting waterproof products will ensure the makeup stays in place at any location. Setting the makeup with powder will help prolong the wear of the look as well. Depending on the Bride’s preferences, I like to offer a lash that is appropriate for their eye shape and assists in lifting the outer edge of their eyes. Using a long wearing lip color or setting the lipstick with a colorless powder will prevent the lip color from transferring. If the Bride enjoys a radiant glow to her skin, applying a bit of sheen to the cheekbones and temples adds a natural, hydrated finish.

What are your personal top 10 products for bridal makeup?

MAKE UP FOR EVER Skin Equalizers under Face & Body Foundation, HD Invisible Cover Concealer, Super Mat Loose Powder, Aqua Brow, Aqua Eyes or Aqua Black liner, Aqua Rouge paired with Aqua Lip, HD Elixir pressed into the cheekbones and temples for a natural glow, set with a spritz of Mist & Fix. If a Bride has a bit of texture to her skin, use a very light dusting of HD Powder to finish the look.

Nadia Albano, Make Up For Ever Academy, New York

Nadia Albano, Make Up For Ever Academy, New York

What are a few bridal makeup essentials brides should bring with them on their destination weddings for touch ups?

Concealer, lip color and setting powder. I love Face & Body Foundation with HD Blush pressed into the cheeks and lips, finished with a bit of Aqua Smoky Lash Mascara for a fresh look at their destination, after the wedding day.

Who are your style icons

A combination of Designers and those who wore the threads well
Coco Chanel, Alexander McQueen, YSL, Givency, Philip Treacy, Michael Jackson, Brigitte Bardot, Angelina Jolie, Balmain and Ann Demeulemeester, and my Mom.

Nadia Albano, Make Up For Ever, New York, Academy

Nadia Albano, Make Up For Ever, New York, Academy

Any new product launches for 2015?

We recently launched our new Skin Equalizers and the Fifty Shades of Grey collection. This spring we look forward to the launch of our Pro Sculpting Duo, which refines the application of highlight and contour in a current and wearable way. We will also be launching Artist Plexi Gloss (comfortable, long wearing lip gloss).

Make Up For Ever, Valentine's Day

Make Up For Ever, Valentine’s Day

Wow…there’s so much to look forward to.  I can’t wait to get my hands on these new products!  Thanks so much, Margaritta, Jenna and Jennifer, and everyone at the Make Up For Ever Academy in New York, for inviting me into your studio and making my trip to NYC so special!  I’m a HUGE fan of your products and am excited to visit you again soon; next time as a student!

Feeling inspired?  Don’t miss out on the upcoming Valentine’s Day Workshop starting February 7th and 28th, 2015 !

Bisou! xo