Photographed by: Union Photographers

Well hello there, friends!  I hope you’re all having a fantastic weekend so far.  In this week’s makeup tutorial, I’m showing you one way to create a cut crease eye makeup design.  It’s very easy to create and I hope you will follow along and give this makeup style a whirl…


20150616_Trutorial-0003Step 1: Moisturizer, Primer and Foundation

Starting with a clean face, I  applied Mèreadesso All-in-One Moisturizer on my face and neck.  This product has now made it in on my “I-can’t-live-without” beauty list and acts as a moisturizer, serum and primer.  The great news is that it will be available at Notrdstom,  in Vancouver this Fall, or online at www.mè

To even out my complexion, I buffed on Make Up For Ever HD Foundation ($50) with a skunk brush (Mint Brush #42)

20150616_Trutorial-0006Step 2: Apply eye shadow base

Apply a wash of satin-ivory shadow onto the entire eyelid and blend up to the brow bone.  I’m using MAC eye shadow in “Shroom” and applying the color with Mint Brush #22

20150616_Trutorial-0007Step 3:  Eye Liner

Holding the outer part of the eye taut, begin drawing on eyeliner, using short strokes and starting from the inner corner of the eyes.  Be sure to get as close to the lash line as possible and work your way toward the outer corner of the eyes.  Extend the liner slightly beyond the outer corner of the eye lid in an upward possession.  In this photo, I’m using a black eye pencil like MAC PowerPoint Pencil in “Engraved”.


Use a Eye Kohl Pencil as an alternate product option, as this formula is smoother and easier to blend out.

20150616_Trutorial-0010Step 4:  Extend the Eyeliner

To smooth out the liner, use an angled liner brush (I’m using Mint Brush #26) and lightly feather-out and extend the line at the outer corner of the eye.

20150616_Trutorial-0014Step 5:  Draw liner in the crease

To create a more defined and dramatic contour, use the same eye pencil as above to draw a line into the crease (roughly 3/4 way in).   Be sure to keep the line at the outer corner thicker and taper it as you work your way to the middle of the eye lid.

20150616_Trutorial-0017Step 7: Blend out crease liner

Using a tapered shading brush, smudge out and soften the crease liner.  Be sure to keep the bottom line (along the lash line) crisp and untouched.

20150616_Trutorial-0019Step 8: Define crease liner with eye shadow

Dip the domed shading brush (Mint #24) into a black or charcoal-gray eye shadow , then sweep it into the outer corner of the eye and atop the liner.  This technique will deepen and blend out the hard crease liner.

20150616_Trutorial-0023Step 9: Apply Shadow liner to inner corner of the eye

Next, rim the lower lash line using an angled liner brush and black or charcoal-gray eye shadow.  This will tie into the design of the upper lid, and define the shape of the eye.  I’m using Make Up For Ever M-100.

20150616_Trutorial-0031Step 10:

Dab a frosted eye shadow. such as MAC “Nylon”,  onto the inner corner and middle of the eye to brighten the eyelid to add a little dimension and shimmer.   Apply the same shade to highlight under the brown bone to make make the brows pop.


20150616_Trutorial-0039Step 11:  Tight line the eyes.

Rim the waterline with black eye pencil.  Waterproof is your best option for longevity.  Also, if you want to create a very bold and opaque looking makeup, try using a waterproof cream liner.  I’m going for a more transparent finish in with this look (eyeshadow and liner) as it’s softer and can be styled for day of evening without looking to heavy.

20150616_Trutorial-0041Step12: Contour and shade the face.

To shape and contour the face, use Mint Brush #16 to shade in the hollow of the cheek bone.  Blend upward toward the ear and hairline until you see a subtle, yet defined shadow.  I like using the Make Up For Ever Skulpting Kit to achieve a perfect contour.  I find it very user friendly and easier to control.

20150616_Trutorial-0045Step 13: Complete the look

To complete the look,  dust on a hint of bronzing powder all over the face to warm up the complexion.  Next, dust on a shimmering highlighter to the peak points of the face (cheek bones, bridge of nose, chin, above brown bone), to give the skin a perfect glow.  Fill in the eyebrows to frame the eyes and opt for a neutral lip color to balance out the intensity of the eyes.  I selected MAC “Snob” with MAC Pro Long Wear “In Anticipation” .  As for blush, I dusted the apples of my cheeks with a pink shade in by MAC called “Pink Swoonl”

Have a great weekend, everyone!  I hope you get around to trying this look, and when you do, be sure to snap a selfie and tag me on Instagram or Twitter.