By Vanessa Westerager:

Ready to bat those beautiful eye lashes? Some lucky ladies are blessed with naturally long thick eyelashes, and others would love it if they would share the wealth!  Mascara is one of those must-have products most women cannot leave the house without and finding the right one can be like finding that great pair of jeans – a huge task!  We’ve played with a few and here are just of some of our top picks for mascara!


Lancome Hypnose Doll Lash: Builds length and volume with a flared out effect at the outer corners for a “doll lash” look! 

Guerlain Maxi Lash: Experience astonishing volume and staggering curl thanks to a high-performance polymer trio.

Marcelle Xtension Plus: Reach high heights with this length doubling curling mascara! 

Covergirl Clump Crusher: Get 200% more volume with zero the clumps plus curl!

Benefit They’re Real: Get volumn, length and definition to your lashes with one coat, won’t smudge or dry out, you will have to convince people “they’re real!

Here are some of Nadia’s Tips…

  • “Opt for a lengthening mascara if you want to create clean and individually defined lashes.  The applicator is usually narrow with a plastic comb-like head, which provides individual lash length.”
  • “If it’s density and fullness you are after, a volumizing mascara is your best bet.  Note: volumizing mascara has a larger, fluffier applicator and is more fibrous, which may causes clumping and flaking.”
  • “Try applying an eyelash primer, prior to mascara, for added length and definition.  A primer often prevents flaking and comes off in tune-like fibers when removing with cleanser.”
  • “If primer is not your thing, try curling the lashes prior to mascara.  Two coats of mascara is usually best and be sure to coat both sides of the lashes (downward strokes and upward strokes)”
  • “Avoid applying mascara on the lower lashes if you are concerned with, or have problems with, your mascara running or smudging”