Photography by: Daniella Guzzo

#whatruwearing –  Black Dress and Cuff : Thrift Store | Shoes: Winners | Handbag: Vintage 1995 Chanel | Belt: Vintage Elsa Corsi

A few days after producing this shoot, I came across a 2008  TED talk clip featuring Jashua Klein called: “The Inelligence of Crows”.   I found it very interesting to learn that crows are very intelligent birds and extremely adaptable to their environment;  which led me to this week’s style piece — Noir!  A simple black dress is a wardrobe staple.  It can be a versitile piece that looks smart on and adapts well for any occasion.

There’s something about the color black that evokes a sense of drama, depth and mystery.  It’s classic, chic, elegant and sophisicated.  When wearing the color you feel powerful, formal, rebellious and a little edgy.  Dispite the fact that black is the complete absorbtion of light and is synonyms with fear, evil and even death;  I LOVE BLACK!


Counting Crows…

Crows in Art: “I am a Crow” Painting by Kirby Sattler

Crows in Film: “The Crow” and “The Birds”

Crows in Music:  The Black Crowes and The Counting Crows

Crows in Fashion:  Jean-Pierre Braganza SS 2014 Mobius Collection available at Ursula B in Montreal

Crows in Decor:  “Bernardo Conquistador Tray” by IBride  available at Mint Interiors