Photographed by: Daniella Guzzo Photography

Have you ever had those months where you seem to have fall into a whirlwind of work-overdrive, where you say yes to everything, even when you know you should be saying no.  Where you ignore your burnout signals and forget to slow down, or even breath for a moment, and take care of body and soul.  Next thing you know, exhaustion sets in, you start feeling unbalanced, stressed, unappreciated and quite frankly, a little cray-cray – hahaha!  Well that was me over the past two months.  And let me tell you,  it was not a pretty sight.  My house was a disaster, I didn’t see my husband and my poor eating habits lead to major stomach pains!  After working for 21 days straight without a day off, I knew I had to do something to get me back on track.

Spring time is usually the time of year where I like to pause for a moment to regroup, reflect and re-direct my focus toward new projects and goals. The change in weather, and the excitement of summer fast approaching, gives me a boost of optimistic energy, which fuels my creativity, and sparks a fire in me to want to do everything!  May is the lead-up to my busiest season, on top of my regularly schedule commitments, and as I looked back, I realized that I did not take the time to stop and appreciate the many incredibly diverse and exciting project I’ve been a part of over the past several months.  Sadly, I feel like I have not really stopped to take it all in and enjoy my accomplishments.  Interestingly enough, I’m not alone.  In my daily encounters with people, I hear many of us sharing the same thoughts and emotions as we’re all working hard to get through our “to do” lists and not taking the time to enjoy “the moment”.

I get that we all lead busy lives, but the reality is that we can only be at our best when we take the time to slow down and take a minute to just be still and chill out.  We need to spend time with ourselves, our family and our friends, to unwind and re-charge.  Once I hit my wall, last month, I made a promise to myself to get back on track and decompress by committing to having a little more balance and down time.

Nadia Albano, Daniella Guzzo Photography

Nadia Albano, Daniella Guzzo Photography, Body Chain, Ear Climber, Elsa Corsi Jewellery, Lace Blouse, Value Village

Nadia Albano, Daniella Guzzo Photography, Elsa Corsi Jewellery, Lace Blouse, Value Village

Nadia Albano, Daniella Guzzo Photography, Shoes, Manolo Blahnik

Nadia Albano, Daniella Guzzo Photography, Rings, Minichello Jewllers, Leah Alexandra

Nadia Albano, Daniella Guzzo Photography

Nadia Albano, Daniella Guzzo Photography

Here’s what I do to help me slow down and stay grounded.  I’d love to know what works for you.

1.  Reflect and give thanks – I feel so grateful for the life that I’ve been afforded and I give thanks for it everyday.  I believe it’s important to thank the people we encounter throughout the day as it show appreciation and kindness.  And that, in turn, will be reciprocated in many different ways.

2.  Get Centered – Daily meditating or praying are extremely important and crucial for having a clear mind.  I believe that thoughts are things and find that prayer and meditation keeps me focused and humble, and gives me the power to exude peace and love.

3.  Get Grounded – When I get swept up into my work and routines, one way I like to break that routine is to connect with nature and go for a walk.   While I’m walking, I’ll find a spot to sit down and either enjoy a great view, connect with my hubby or friends, or simply people watch (it’s fascinating!).  I met a woman, a few years back, who is a Reiki Therapist and she explained that by literally sitting down on the ground, you will feel rooted and refocused.  And she was right!

4. Delegate Tasks – I’m lucky to have an incredibly supportive team and family who I can depend on to help me get things done.  As a busy stylist and business owner, there are so many things that are happening around me that I could not possibly handle all by myself.  From emails and phone calls, appointments and photo shoots, and of course cleaning and shopping; the list goes on.  It took me a while to pass the tasks along, and I’m glad did.

5.  Relax – When times get really hectic, a spa treatment is my favorite way to treat myself and get pampered.  I love having relaxing body massages at Willow Stream Spa at the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel.   It’s a great way to escape and experience exceptional service, all while being in my own city.  When I need to heal my hands and feet, Joyride is my go-to place for relaxing manicures and pedicures!

Peace and Love, my friends, and hope you have a fantastic weekend!