Once upon, a time in a land far far away, a beautiful bride and groom were wed!   Set on a mountain top, at the See Ya Later Ranch, the view was spectacular and the mood was joyous as close friends and family gathered to celebrate the union of Sara and Hector… Sara, a native of Vancouver and Hector, born in the Ivory Coast,  never would have imagined crossing paths until fait brought them together.  5 years ago, Sara and Hector met in Montreal at Bishop’s University.   A friendship began which quickly lead to a courtship.  Hector fell in love with Sara’s kind gestures, loyal friendship and positive outlook on life.  Sara was taken by Hector’s gentle spirit, insightful words and loving affection. Alas, a romance flourished which lead them to Penticton; where they sealed their love with a kiss.

Sara, looking poised in her beautiful gown and Elsa Corsi teardrop earrings, wanted a loose upstyle hairdo and fresh makeup – what a stunner!  She chose a palette of robin’s egg blue for her color scheme which also inspired the idea of a “Wishing Tree” for guests to leave messages of love, well wishes and advice.

Hector, looking dapper himself, was all smiles (and it wasn’t because of the delicious chocolate cake!).  Complementing Sara’s style, Hector donned a grey suite and seafoam blue tie with a set of custom Elsa Corsi cuff links.  A perfect gentleman!

Jane and Lanny (mother and father of the bride) and Katie (sister of the bride) were a strong support for both Hector and Sara as many family members were unable to attend and celebrated from afar!

University friends of the bride and groom, Angela and Larissa, spontaniously pose for a photo opp! These gals were AMAZING!

Sara and Hector, I love you!  Thank you for letting me share in your special dayand for letting me be the un-official photographer! (…not bad hey?)  I wish you both a life filled with laughter, love and many more joyous occassions as this one!  Congrats! xo