The sun in shining in Vancouver, which means everyone is out enjoying every minute of it and soaking in some much needed Vitamin D!  That said, it’s important to take precausionary measure when exposing ourselves to the sun.  Here are a few suggestions that will keep you covered, and protect you from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB ray.

1.  Apply sunscreen!  It’s best to use different products for the face, lips and body, as the skin on our face is more delicate and requires different coverage from the skin on our body.  Look for products that are light weight, oil-free and paraban free.

2.  Swap your bikini for a full piece!  Opt for a full piece swim suit with fun cut outs, rather than a revealing bikini, to cover your body from exposure to the sun.

3.  Cover up!  Slip on a beach cover wrap, sheer dress or kimono for additional protact from the sun.  Add a wedge sandle and you’ll look uber chic while at the pool.

4.  Treat your hair like your skin!  Sun exposure , as well as chlorine and sea salt, can stress and dry out the hair , not to mention shift the color.   Remeber to use pre and post-sun hair products to maintain the integrety of your hair.

5.  Stay shaded! Sunnys and big hats are summer-time essentials.  Whether you’re gardening or lounging at the pool, shade your face and protect your eyes.

Products to try:

La Roche Posay Anthilios Dry Touch Spray SPF 45 – Available at Shopper’s Drug Mart

Clarins UV Plus HP – Available at The Bay

Bert’s Bees Lip Balm with SPF 8 – Available at Shopper’s Drug Mart

H&M One Shoulder Swimsuit  – $29.95

H&M Fringed Kimono – $39.95

Browns Wedge Sandal – $119.98

Goldwell Dualsenses Sun Reflacts – Available at select hair salons

Tom Ford “Milena” sunglasses – Available at Holt Renfrew

La Vie En Rose Straw Hat – $16.95